Friday, September 12, 2014

Homework #3

1) When and where did you meet?

We met in Dirac Library this Wednesday.

2) What did you discuss?

We agreed on a concept for the game and started writing the characters and started designing the arcade that would serve as the game's primary location.  We also brainstormed the challenges that the player would have to undertake in order to bring the arcade back online.

3) Did you take notes? Why? Why not?

Yes we did, we all started jotting down what we discussed to ensure we would not forget it.

4) Did you transfer the contents of the discuss to the computer?

Yes, I digitized my notes afterwards.

5) Did you discuss the game document?

While we didn't discuss the game document specifically, but the concepts we brought up will be implemented in it.

6) Did you pick a team leader. Why? Who is it?

We have not ascertained a leader, but we did pick the concept I pitched almost unanimously.  If that puts me in charge, then I guess I am.  But we have all split up our duties rather evenly amongst us.

7) Please describe briefly some initial ideas regarding the game you plan on developing.

The game will follow a little girl who's trying to restore an old arcade she's trapped inside in order to escape.  She will be assisted by a cute little AI companion who can move between electrical objects, including the actual arcade machines.​

8) State on your blog the contributions you, the individual, made towards the team game in the last week.

-I pitched the concept for the game, which everyone accepted unanimously with great enthusiasm.  
-I started designing the floor plan for the arcade.
-I helped brainstorm the ideas for games to recreate in the arcade, as well as the physical challenges Beth (our player character) will have to overcome.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two of my Favorite Games

1. Mass Effect 3
Combining the tightest 3rd person shooter mechanics with a deep role-playing narrative and amazingly-crafted characters is a recipe for an amazing game in my book.  Stretching that narrative across three games and bringing the consequences for every decision you've made along the way with you makes Mass Effect 3 my favorite game of all time.

2. Halo 3: ODST
When you take a series known for invincible space marines, god-like technology, and alien religious ceremony and scale it back into a noire set over the course of a single night on Earth, some people are bound to be disappointed.  I don't count myself among them.  Making you weaker than previous gains allowed me to feel the rush of fighting the same enemies in a much more difficult light.  The story is dark without being maudlin and has plenty of charm to it (possibly due to the cast consisting of the half the male leads on Firefly).

Fun in Photoshop

Christopher Walken Dead

Kiss With a Fist

IronZoo Panda

How-To: Premiere Pro Basics

This video demonstrates the basics of the Adobe Premiere Pro NLE (Non-Linear Editing) Software.  In it, I describe the layout of the software, the basic selection and cutting tools, and the use of the timeline window.